Apprentices in practice: only children are heirs

When the Nazarene said that no one should call it a father, its historical context was much earlier than industrialization, and its listeners were of the chosen people in the Old Covenant. But what is beyond the knowledge of many is that at least the prophets of that people used to have young proselytes whom they called children, because before industrialization, every young man who spent his days with an adult (whether his father of blood or not) was his son, that is, his apprentice. And this is the meaning of son expression in many New Testament texts.

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Generation of the Fig tree

As you already know, in the year 70 AD Jerusalem was invaded by the Romans, and the Israelite people were expelled from their land, fulfilling the Words recorded in the books of Deuteronomy (28) and Luke (21). And you also know that the Israelite people, returning to their homeland, were recognized as a nation in 1948, fulfilling the Prophecies recorded in the books of Isaiah (11) and Ezekiel (20, 22 and 36). These are important historical facts, because it has everything to do with us today.

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